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Due to COVID-19, we have transitioned our Academy classes to be hosted online using Zoom technology. Please read the information below carefully as it contains important information for all AoPS families.


Tech Requirements

Students will need desktop or laptop with a working microphone and camera. Please do not use a mobile device to join the class – while Zoom allows for that capability, we do not recommend it for our classroom set up. You will also want to check out the system requirements for Zoom for your machine.

Accessing the Online Classroom

Students will be able to access their online classroom by signing into their student account and clicking the “My Classroom” button in the upper right corner of their Course Homepage.

Tech Support

If you are experiencing any technical difficulty in accessing the online classroom, click the “Tech Support” link beneath the “My Classroom” button on the course homepage to be put in contact with your campus for assistance.


How Classes Work

Our goal is to keep the online Academy class experience as similar as possible to the experience students would receive in the physical classroom. Students will still be able to interact with their teacher and each other through Zoom video-conferencing technology, even though they are no longer in the same physical location. While some activities require modification for the new format, teachers can still share slides, answer questions, facilitate discussions, and otherwise run their lessons online as they would in the classroom. Therefore, students should start each class prepared with the same materials they would have if they were going on campus, including books, paper, pencils, and anything else they might need.

Class Content

While we have shifted the class format to accommodate Zoom capabilities, the class material is the same as if we were meeting in the same physical classroom, taught by the same teachers whenever possible.

Class Recordings

Each class session is recorded and made available to students for seven days. The recordings include lesson audio and the teacher's shared screen view—students' video will not be recorded on camera. Please be advised that students must give consent to have their audio recorded before they will be granted access to the online classroom. Recordings will be available at the bottom of the Course Overview tab under “Class Notes.”

Final Notes

For the first couple of classes, you might want to sit with your children as they get used to accessing the online classroom. This will help smooth their transition into this new format. A little help can go a long way in giving them a good experience.

Academic Year

Homework & Contests

Homework continues to be available on the Course Homepage. Contests are unaffected by campus closures.


We will send exams to parent emails two days before the exam date to be printed for their students. Students can join the online classroom during their scheduled class time, and their teacher will be available to answer questions as they would be in the physical classroom. If students cannot print their exam at home, they can either write out their answers using a word processor (like Microsoft Word or Google Docs) or on a piece of paper. Please make sure that the student name, teacher name, and problem numbers are clearly labeled.

Once the exam is completed, students can submit their exam by uploading them on their Course Homepage. A blue “Submit Exam” button will appear next to the “My Classroom” button on the scheduled exam date and remain on the page for a total of seven days. Students must submit their exam by the day before their next class. Accepted file types are PDF (preferred), JPG, or PNG.


Class Packet

Each camp has a class handout packet located on the overview tab of your camp’s homepage. This should be printed single-sided before your student’s first day of camp.

Other Info

Drop Policy

We have updated our drop policy for Academic Year 2019-2020. For Academic Year 2019-2020 courses, if you elect to drop a course but have already paid tuition for the full trimester, you will receive a prorated refund for the remaining classes in the trimester that you will no longer attend.

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